Premiere Date: 2018 | the dance Deck

Remount: 2019 | Dancing on the edge festival

afloat amidst the steam of my combustion

Floundering around in the ether, 
Afloat amidst the steam of my combustion.

A solo work - a disposable layer, a series of others, a thousand lifetimes. The exhaust of history repeating itself. Can it be found? Replaced? Sewn back together? Did it disappear, has it been destroyed or does it still exist? The tirelessness of change that is constantly undone. The fury of persistence. 
"The early Dawn was born; her fingers bloomed. 
Then stopped and stood beside the sturdy pillar. 
Holding a gauzy veil before her face.
Those pillars keep heaven and earth apart
With that, the owl eyed goddess 
Flew away like a bird, up through the smoke.
She left him feeling braver, more determined."
Excerpts : Translator’s Notes - Emily Wilson The Odyssey (Homer) 

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While audiences are used to Kirsten Wicklund carving up the stage on and off pointe, as one of the athletic and expressive standouts in  Ballet BC, she's exploring her choreographic voice at the festival"

- Janet Smith

the georgia straight

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" has evolved over the past year, first as a solo for dancer Lara Barclay at the Dance Deck series.  Now Wicklund performs the intense piece herself fo Dancing on the Edge"

- Janet Smith
The Georgia Straight

afloat amidst the steam of my combustion


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